Sprachlos, the German word for ‘speechless’ in English, is the overarching theme for my dialogue free, single-page comics. I want to tell short stories about things that interest me or I feel passionate about and hope that they strike an emotional cord with the reader. Humour, drama, melodrama, anger and what not, with a bit of the cryptic thrown in! Ein bisschen Herausforderung muss natürlich sein.

I love the comic book art form – that it is an art form, there is no doubt in my mind  – and this is my attempt at contributing a little something to that indeterminably large catalogue. I personally don’t place any importance on the difference between low and high art. I’m not sure they even exist but I am sure they don’t need to. You place things too high and they simply become out of reach. So, let’s not qualify it or look down on it or for that matter relegate it to elite circles. Comic art is to be taken as seriously or light-heartedly as any other work that has been painted, sculpted, digitally rendered or slapped together by a team of monkeys and sold at exorbitantly high prices. You are invited and allowed to enjoy, detest or regard with utmost indifference any work I post to this website. Please comment on my work if you feel moved to.

Thanks for visiting – Rees